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Located in County Laois, Lark School of Music provides music lessons for students of all ages and abilities with innovative approaches to music education coupled with warmth and encouragement. Instilling a love of music in its students is at the heart of the music school. Exams are encouraged on the students’ chosen instrument – this can give a solid focus for the year for some students. Others may decide to learn music just for the enjoyment without aiming for an exam. Happiness is key!


Lark School of Music - Nicola Kavanagh is a qualified music teacher and her passion is to promote positive mental health through the medium of music and mindfulness.  She is the Founder of Lark School of Music where she teaches group and private music lessons both from her own music studio and within primary schools in Laois/Kilkenny.  She also provides creative and well-being workshops and mindfulness classes in primary schools.  She has written her own music and mindfulness programme for children.  She currently teaches flute, piano and pre-instrumental music lessons at Lark School of Music and in schools mainly in...

Why Learn Music?

Music gives people a way to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, to be inspired and uplifted, to relax, and to relieve stress and tension. Just think about listening to a beautiful piece of classical music, singing along to a favourite song with friends, or dancing to a great song on the radio – music can lift your heart! Click through the images below to find out more.


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Lark School of Music

Music & Mindfulness In Schools

Music & Mindfulness Music Benefits Children All children love rhythm and music!  They love listening to it, making it and moving to it.  The benefits are endless for children – it calms them, soothes them, brings them together and helps...

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