Music Allows Children To Dream

Music Allows Children To Dream Children are the soul of every generation and it’s crucial that we nurture them and encourage them to dream. Music provides escapism and allows the creator and also the listener to dream. It is important that children know that everything is possible in life and […]

Music Can Improve Social Skills

two girls singing with boy playing guitar in the middle

Social & Emotional Skills Making music with others improves children’s social and emotional skills.  They learn the value of teamwork and develop their sense of empathy with others. Research has found that when children play music together they are better able to tune into other people’s emotions. Group music classes require interaction […]

Music is Fun

Young boy sitting on bed, in happy mood with a ukulele

Once children grasp the basics of playing an instrument, they are most likely to really enjoy playing it as every song/piece they learn is a great personal achievement. From a very young age all children respond positively to music by moving, dancing, smiling and giggling. It is quite a privilege to […]