Music & Mindfulness

Music Benefits Children

All children love rhythm and music!  They love listening to it, making it and moving to it.  The benefits are endless for children – it calms them, soothes them, brings them together and helps them to express themselves in so many ways.  In school it gives them a break from other subjects.  Every single child will connect with music in some way or other.  It is such a joy and a privilege to watch children interact with one another through the medium of music, the benefits of which will hopefully last a lifetime for them.  Equally, creative mindfulness practices are essential for our children, particularly now following a world pandemic and all its consequences.  There are pressures on our children like never before – new anxieties, busy schedules, high levels of screen time and worn-out adults around them.  All of this is taking its toll on our children.  Fun and creative mindfulness exercises can help children to become more self-compassionate and develop empathy for others.  It helps them to learn simple techniques that are soothing for the body and mind.  I am very passionate about these teachings and truly believe that this is essential learning that every child should have access to.

Kind Music (Junior & Senior Infants)

This is a play-based, pre-instrumental class based on teaching, learning and understanding music through singing, movement and musical games with the use of percussion instruments.  All aspects of a child’s musicality are explored throughout the year from expressing themselves musically through movement, to encouraging listening of various types of genres of music.  There is a strong emphasis in this class on kindness, friendships and awareness of ourselves and others.  Storytelling and arts and crafts are also part of this class.  This is a seasonal based programme with a lot of nature-based teachings and activities and of course, all taught through music and play.


Traditional Irish Whistle, Handbells, Percussion (First & Second Classes)

A wide array of traditional Irish tunes on whistle are explored here.  Children take great pride in being able to play a tune or two for their families at this young age and whistle is an easy place to start.  Further percussion instruments and games are taught in these classes along with body percussion which is great fun.  Handbells are introduced at this point too.  These are beautiful instruments when performed as part of a group.  The children will learn great team work!  The Kodaly Method of teaching is used here – notes being taught using hand signs and colours that match each note on a scale.  This makes learning music fun and there are many fun games to enjoy when teaching solfa.

Jazz Recorder, Flute, Ukulele, Peace Proms (Third – Sixth Classes)

Jazz Recorder is a fun programme and is a great precursor to learning flute.  Children will be fully proficient in reading sheet music if learning recorder and flute.  Ukulele is also great fun – not as much of an emphasis on reading music required here apart from learning chord charts but children love this little instrument as after only a few lessons they can begin playing pop songs with backing tracks and this naturally goes down a treat!  Peace Proms is another option at this level.  Each summer I attend the training course in the new syllabus – this gives whatever school I teach this in, automatic admission to taking part in the Peace Proms Concert which is usually held in the RDS, UL and WIT Arena.  A spectacular event not to be missed!

Creative Mindfulness Programme (All Classes)

All of the above is taught with elements of this Creative Mindfulness Programme woven throughout.  However, this course can be delivered as a stand-alone course.  This Mindful Heart Curriculum contains ten complete lesson plans which can be adapted to teaching children aged 4-12 years and is linked with the Irish Primary Schools SPHE Curriculum.

Points to note about all of the above lessons:

    • All lessons are linked with the Irish Primary Schools Music & SPHE Curriculums.
    • All lessons have been fully adapted to comply with all Government and Department of Education Covid 19 Regulations.
    • All instruments and sheet music are provided or if preferred, can be purchased by the school.
    • Any combination of the above lessons can be delivered depending on the requirements of the school.

"All children love rhythm and music!"